In an increasingly digital world and with data collection at all levels, companies have at their disposal a large volume of data that needs to be properly collected, processed and secure. When this guidance is not centralized, it causes difficulties in analyzing, accessing and processing data to make decisions.
What is the point of having a platform for collecting energy data, another for temperature or another for vibrations if it is necessary to relate all the data between them?

The concept of integrated management based on the centralization of data only has benefits, referring not only to the administration, but to all sectors of the company, where the various departments can make decisions based on real analysis, in just one graphical environment, where all the inputs are related to each other. An autonomous integrated data management system allows not only to increase the company’s productivity, but also to predict possible future failures with a much lower analysis effort, thus requiring less availability of the team for data analysis, where it can think about progress. of the company that actually matters.

It is important to know what we are doing indoors and how we are doing it, both at a human level, as well as in terms of failures, production performance, factory availability, downtime forecasts and the reduction of unexpected events.

Companies that collect data and analyze them to make decisions are companies of the future. Companies 5.0, where not only the digitization of the process counts, but also automation, focused on the human component.

Adequate guidance in decision-making, agility in the production process, general organization, forecasting commercial and financial progress and, most importantly, recording real and concrete information are the key points of data centralization. With all this, we can not only trust the process, see points for improvement, predict increases or decreases in production and record failures to act in the future. This is the only way to increase efficiency, with data and decisions.

Increasingly, customers rely on specialized companies to analyze and implement solutions that allow them to analyze data independently and without requiring a great effort from internal resources to develop secure solutions with integrated communication. Therefore, we cannot make the mistake of thinking that we can do everything ourselves. The SCEMAI product is a product developed by a team focused on ensuring not only centralization, but mainly data security, where data encryption in transmission is a key factor, providing security to all our stakeholders.

Well-applied central data analysis and fault prediction systems give a quick and global view, where direct decisions can be made and save money. The future will pass not only through graphical analysis, but also through autonomous analysis, as is the case with industrial virtual assistants. A Virtual Assistant combined with integrated management brings not only greater communication versatility, but mainly the realization of a complete and autonomous decision-making system that, using Artificial Intelligence, takes the processing of information to a new level.