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We bring data to life
to improve results

We can provide a special service for organizations to achieve high results.
Our services will help you collect and analyse your data and we’ll help you improve the performance of your industrial or natural assets and resources – in one single platform.


User Friendly, Agnostic,

A careful bet on the user experience. Technology developed thinking about the most varied communication protocols and investment needs.

Always Close
Thanks to the simple and intuitive design, our platform allows access to all data anytime and anywhere of the main industrial assets and resources
Smart Insights
We process all information and generate the insights you need to make and support the best decisions
Better Data. Better Maintenance
With better management and data exchange, it is possible to anticipate maintenance on industrial assets and resources
Good Sensory Network. Good Watchdog System
Artificial Intelligence at the service of solving and anticipating problems creating an alert network capable of saving resources
Top Benefits

For Managers,
For Technicians,

On your computer, smartphone, and anywhere.
A unique experience for managers and technicians.

For Managers
Be one step ahead

Gain access to a set of data relating to your industrial assets in real time in a single place enabling decision-making contributing to predictive maintenance or corrective actions

For Technicians
All in the palm of your hand

With all the information centralized and the virtual assistant running, a tablet, smartwatch or mobile phone is all you need to keep up with operations

We’ll be more than happy to help you!

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We can provide a special service for your organization to achieve high results. Dont waste so much time with excel. Better Data. Better Maintenance. More happy time.

    Surveillance System
    We can provide a special service for company to achieve high results. Our professioanl team will help you.
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    we work with

    Our Clients & Partners

    We work and cooperate with organizations that allow us to respond to problems, contributing to a better response to our customers and a positive evolution of our business.

    your questions


    We collected the main questions that we were asked at the meetings and decided to present the answers here.

    How many hours of training will it take to implement the system?
    The system is intuit and easy to use, so you won't even notice the time to go by.
    I already have sensors installed, can I use them? If not, can you install it?
    The system can be configured taking advantage of the existing sensory network. In case there is no sensory network, we can create and configure a new one.
    Is my data secure?
    The entire system works in encryption mode for data transmission. Data are encrypted after reading the sensor inside our box and are only decrypted in the cloud for processing.
    What kind of return do you expect to bring?
    Up to 30% in energy resources, operational and strategic, covering environmental and industrial sectors.
    Can I add sensors to the platform?
    The system's modular capacity allows sensors to be added as needed. The solution follows the growth, pains, and needs of companies.
    we celebrate the small victories

    Our Awards

    We got these awards with a lot of dedication, fun and fellowship. Everything to improve our business.

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